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You Are Right

As human beings, we are very committed to being right about our beliefs and view of the world. We spend our entire lives attracting people and experiences that prove our perspective to be correct. Yet, the truth is that none of us are right.

You might have unconsciously decided that, in order for you to win, somebody else has to lose. You might have decided that it is okay to lose, as long as you don’t lose as bad as the other guy. You might have decided that there is enough for everyone to win. You’ve made decisions about people and what it means to be a nice person, a rich person, a poor person, and so on. You might have decided that you are too short, too tall, too uneducated, too educated, too young, or too old. It’s just a matter of what you have decided to believe.

Have you ever been too young to achieve something, right up until the point that you were too old to achieve it? According to your brain, you were either too young or too old; no age fit. It had nothing to do with age. Whatever you thought about doing did not fit your beliefs about yourself, so you made up I am too young or I am too old. What else are you making up?

After all, simply being right has little value if it doesn’t serve you in a positive way.

“Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you are right.”
Henry Ford

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