What if You Were Your Biggest Fan?

“Ever loved someone so much, you would do anything for them? Yeah, well, make that someone yourself and do whatever the hell you want.”
Harvey Specter

Your self-estimate is paramount because you bring your self-estimate to everything you do and every place you go.  You bring your opinion of yourself to every relationship, every job, career, or money making opportunity; to every exercise class, and even to every vacation.  You cannot detach from your self-esteem.  It is the #1 driver; the #1 reason for all of your results.

Your current physical body is a direct result of your self-esteem. 

Your current financial position is a direct result of your self-esteem. 

Your current relationships and the depth of those relationships are a direct result of your self-esteem.

Your current impact in the community is a direct result of your self-esteem.

If there is one brilliant place to invest your time and money, it is in your self-esteem.  I recommend making your self-esteem your #1 priority.  It’s you and your self-esteem for the rest of your life.  Would you agree that you are going to judge you for the rest of your life?  And judge harshly?

Would you ever let anyone talk to you the way you talk to yourself?

What if you gave yourself someone to like?  Someone to be proud of?  What if you were your biggest fan?  What if you did things to judge yourself positively?



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