Self-Esteem: It's About the Small Stuff -

Self-Esteem: It’s About the Small Stuff

“Nobody is who they are based upon one decision, one day, one path, one chance, one relationship, or one anything else. Every day is brand new and opportunity never stops knocking. Who’s there?”

The Universe

From Mike Dooley’s Notes from the Universe on

Welcome to your self-esteem, made up of the small stuff. The small stuff is subtle. The small stuff doesn’t produce a result the first time or the second time or the third or the fifteenth. Your self-esteem is collectively produced over time, just like the wrinkles on my face. Whether you are overweight or physically fit, in debt or wealthy, divorced or in a great marriage—all of these things are because of the small stuff. The same 10,000 opportunities can produce significantly diverse outcomes, depending on your choices. Take two couples: one couple uses the 10,000 opportunities to create a phenomenal partnership, while the other couple uses 10,000 opportunities to create a divorce. It takes thousands of times to produce most results. Things don’t happen overnight. The end result comes from countless combined events, not just one. Over time, the little things you do will compound.

It takes thousands of days of not flossing for your teeth to fall out.
It takes thousands of times of eating what you shouldn’t to become overweight.It takes hundreds of times of working out to be muscular.It takes thousands of times of giving, communicating, and empowering to create a great relationship.It takes thousands of times of turning away, withholding, stonewalling, and criticizing to create a divorce.It takes thousands of times of saving, saying no, and living beneath your means to be prepared for retirement.It takes thousands of times of spending, avoiding, and living above your means to not be prepared for retirement.

Certainly, some actions create a result after the first time. You can be fired after being late one time. You can acquire a bad reputation after one experience. You can find a job by sending one resume. These are the exceptions. The majority of end results are because of the small stuff, day after day.

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