Self Confidence at Home: How to Influence Your Family -

Self Confidence at Home: How to Influence Your Family

There are groups of human beings across the world, in every city, state and country who experience perfect self expression every single day. They let the world know how happy or unhappy they are the moment they experience a feeling. They tell you exactly what is on their mind without regret or remorse. They have a certain beingness about them that is playful yet certain and confident.

These groups are, of course, children.

From a very young age, children experience the world unfiltered. It isn’t until we are adults that we change our minds about the magic and wonder that exists in everyday life.

Of course, adults have the same capacity to express perfect self expression; we just have a strong filter against it in variable amounts based off our life experiences, beliefs and values. Whether it is our need to be liked or sense of worthiness, we as adults have blocked a significant amount of perfect self expression out in an attempt to be boring and grown up.

What a shame.

Self confidence and perfect self expression together is a recipe for greatness. An adult leading his or her family at home with both perfect self expression and a level of high self confidence become influencers in their families and communities without putting a significant amount of effort into the process.

As an adult, you are able to influence your family and community by exerting an air of self confidence that comes along with self love and considering your life on this earth valuable and important. No one else, not your parents, spouse, friends or co-workers, will be able to inflate your balloon for eternity without you first believing in their confidence in you first.

Leading your family through positive self expression and high confidence will undoubtedly show up in the way you parent your children and love your spouse or partner. A woman who provides enough self love for herself will provide a positive example for her children to live by. A man who is a leader of self first will be enticing and exciting to his partner as well. Practicing positive habits every day, through making choices for your physical body or financial liberty piece by piece grow into an abundant bouquet of self confidence and empowerment your children (and spouse) will live to emulate.

The way you decide to show up is entirely up to you. The question is: how are you deciding to show up?

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