Nitpick at Husband for a Better Marriage? Say What?

Nitpick at Husband

Every time I choose to nitpick at my husband, I am contributing to our marriage.  Every time I choose to be grateful for my husband, I am contributing to our marriage. As long as I’m careful with the nitpicking, doing both contributes to a better marriage.

It is my responsibility to catch myself more often when I am about to choose some negative behavior towards my husband that will contribute negatively towards our marriage.

Every time I take that one small step to be cognizant of how I communicate, I contribute to a more open, trusting dialogue.

Partners who spend their time building each other up through words and deeds ensure the relationship will be successful in the long run.  It’s not a magic formula; it is simply the natural by-product of all of the “little things” adding up over time.

Everything you choose to do (or not do) will have an effect. Keeping your mouth shut when you want to criticize, not always having to be right, taking an interest in your spouse’s hobbies, apologizing often, making compromises over where you go on vacation—all of these will add up to a great relationship over time.

The reverse is true as well: giving your spouse the silent treatment, withholding sex, blaming, always having to be “right,” spending above your means—all of these actions will lead to the demise of the relationship over time.

Great advice:

When you are wrong, admit it immediately.

When you are right, zip it.”


 Tim O’Kelley



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