New Habits -

“Thinking small isn’t easy or hard. It’s just a habit. A habit with consequences.

Same for thinking big.

God, I love these things…”


    The Universe


So, how do you create new habits? Easily—the same way you created the old habits—through repetition of the small stuff.  With a focus on the small things, you will be able to create new habits made of different actions and behaviors, creating higher self-esteem and bigger, better results.

Your self-esteem and the little things you do or don’t do are inextricably wound together to produce the results that surround you, big and small, in every area of your life.  The more times you do something consistently, the more it will add to your self-esteem, building a habit.  More importantly, it will build an I am statement behind it, impacting your belief system.


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