How to Overcome Negative Thinking -

How to Overcome Negative Thinking


How do you overcome negativity in your thinking? We all have it from time to time, but it seems as though some people have louder, more driven voices than others either fueling negative limiting beliefs or supporting positive self-talk and self-esteem. What drives the divide between these two categories of men and women?

The answer is either a high or low level of self-esteem.

Self confidence and self-esteem are the driving forces behind whether or not you have the extraordinary life of your dreams. Overcoming negative thinking is the first step to overcoming self doubt and it all starts with your belief systems. What do you think about yourself? Do you love your life? What is your belief on your self-worth, your life and your family? Do you feel like you are deserving of the life you’ve been dreaming of?

People with low self-esteem probably doubt what they are worth. Whether they don’t charge clients the price tag deserving of a service or showing up as a man or woman in a partnership who settle for a relationship that is toxic, the driving force behind negative and positive choices is the belief you have about yourself.

What are beliefs and why are they so important?

Beliefs drive every aspect of our lives! From small to large choices we have an opinion or belief about every single thing we do from sun up to sun down. Think about it, we will fight tooth and nail over something as small as the belief driving how we should or shouldn’t fold clothes, load a dishwasher, drive a car or value ourselves.

The belief system you have now, as an adult, was formed long ago! Studies now show that there is significant evidence supporting the notion that we start forming ideas and beliefs about our environment before we are even born. Even in the womb, we are experiencing our mother’s reactions to her environment and deciding how we will enter the world based on those experiences. After the age of nine, most of our programming of beliefs has been ingrained into our personalities and we move through life with a certain way of being that supports the beliefs we have made up about ourselves.

The good news is there are opportunities through nourishing our own self esteem that enable us to change the thought patterns we have created and allow us to move forward with a different idea about ourselves and the world. Overcoming negative thinking starts with creating healthy habits driven to you, as in individual!

Start practicing self love every day. Give yourself love and affirmations every day to boost your self confidence. Choose in to healthy practices like working out, eating healthy, getting enough sleep and maintaining healthy relationships with your family and friends to continue to feed positive thinking verses the negative. The more you feed your self confidence, the louder your positive self-esteem will ring through your thinking.

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