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Since reading this book, I have decided to plant a tree. Not just one tree, but a forest! Renee has a way of explaining self-esteem in a clear and easy to understand manner. She drives home the point. I have utilized her tools to make better decisions in my life.

  1.  I quit smoking
  2. I drink more water
  3. I now go for walks during the week
  4. I am repairing my relationship with my ex
  5. I am making different choices with my diet
  6. I am meditating daily

I have so much more to go and am excited to tackle my life! Please, do yourself a favor, get this book for you and your friends. Encourage one another to change your habits! Allow Renee to show you how!

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I didn’t want to wash my face, use toner, age cream and night time repair this week but I did! Didn’t want to schedule the dentist but I did. Only on page 64 but wanted to thank you. Today….I spoke differently to myself!


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