Change Your Perspective -

Change Your Perspective

“You can complain because roses have thorns, or you can rejoice because thorns have roses.” 

Tom Wilson


Would you agree that life is going to keep happening?  That there will be difficulties, obstacles, roadblocks, people, situations, and problems for the rest of your life?  That is certain.  It’s not about what happens; it’s about how you handle what happens; it’s about how you respond to what happens.  Driving both of those is your view of what happens.  You have to be willing to change your perspective.  No matter what happens, you can choose how you view it.  You can choose to view it as an opportunity or doom and gloom.  Have you ever been fired and immediately went to doom and gloom?  And then, three days later, a new door opened and your view switched.  Or at first you were devastated by a relationship breakup, and then, at some point, you got down on your knees in gratitude of the Universe’s wisdom?  I am suggesting that you can skip the doom and gloom step and go straight to “What an opportunity.”  How you view things is simply a habit.  Always focusing on the negative or what is wrong is a habit.  Expecting the worst is simply a habit, as is expecting the best.  The glass is half full is a habit, as is the glass is half empty.

Oftentimes, it is simply our view that is in the way of achieving the goal.  We often think that there is only one way to do something, our way, and when we do that over and over without success, we get frustrated, we get stuck, and sometimes we give up.  When we are able to consider a different perspective, a different opinion or, even better, many different perspectives, a whole new world of solutions and resources is available.   And then we are willing to change our approach.   Do you want to be right about your way not working, or do you want to be successful?

Change your perspective, change the result.

Change your approach, change the result.

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