About Renee Cermak – Self-Esteem Coach & Author

About Renee


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Self-esteem expert and author Renee Cermak is a woman on a mission. Her mission is for people to like themselves, be proud of themselves and respect themselves. Her mission is for people to give priority to their self-esteem, to think about it more than anything else and before anything else. For the last 19 years, Renee has been focused on personal growth—her own and thousands of other people’s lives. She is committed to leading by example through her coaching, speaking, facilitating, writing, and, most importantly, actually doing the hard work to improve her own self-esteem and her own results.

Live a better life

Renee’s platform is that self-esteem, how much you like yourself, is derived not from the big moments in life but from the everyday moments, the daily grind, the small stuff. The things we do or don’t do, the things we say or don’t say on a daily basis, though they are subtle and easy to discount, add up to produce significant results, both good and bad. People with high self-esteem live their lives by design, choice and creation, not by coincidence or luck. Renee coaches people to live a better life, their best life!

She who is most certain wins

Renee lives by the mantra that She who is most certain wins and is a catalyst for lifelong change in people’s lives through her dynamic, no-bull shit coaching methods. She is tenacious and supportive and creates results by positively interfering with people’s belief systems, habits and self-esteem.

Personal life

Renee serves as consultant and facilitator for a leading authority and pioneer in human potential training. On a daily basis, she works with leaders who are committed to extraordinary lives and are willing to do the work to get there.

Renee and her husband Fred are entrepreneurs, business owners, investors and philanthropists. They are also passionate about teaching seminars on the value of wealth building and the power of giving. They live in Scottsdale with their daughter.