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7 Quick Ways to Boost Your Self-Esteem


High self-esteem is the clearest path for any man or woman to achieve and live an extraordinary life. Making the choice to do daily self-esteem boosters is well within your control, and will show up in your results as you continue through your life. The act of giving, contributing can be achieved through infinite mechanisms; however it is the application of these keys that will directly and quickly benefit your self-esteem.

What are some of the quickest ways to feed and boost your self-esteem?

Sometimes keeping a secret is the greatest way to boost your self-esteem, and those secrets are between you, the universe or a higher power. Secrets with a higher power is an idea that for every good deed, for every random act of kindness, for every donation, your giving is received and sent back in the form of positive results in your personal and professional life.

Take the concept of tithing, for example. Tithing is a mechanism by which an individual donates anywhere from 1-10% annually or from every paycheck to a cause, charitable organization, church, temple or the place you achieve spiritual wisdom. This secret with the universe or a higher power is an act that only you know about.

Giving and contributing doesn’t have to be simply to an organization, the idea of secrets with the universe apply to giving and contributing to the important people in your life, to yourself and to strangers, too. Think about someone you love. What do they like? What lights them up? What kind of random act of kindness can you contribute in order to help them have a better day? Flowers might be the answer for your Mom, but doing the dishes for your wife without her asking or playing uninterrupted by technology with your kids might be the random act of kindness they didn’t even know they wanted. The idea here is you don’t announce your contribution or giving; you simply perform the action, sit back and smile to yourself when your self-esteem grows and your people are happier as a result.

Say you’ve had a day where you’re not necessarily in the giving mood. You have a fight with your spouse or co-worker and are put out by the event. When you are normally upset, what might the result be of the complete and utter opposite reaction you’d normally go to? What if you apologized first? What if you took the high road? Imagine the shock and awe of the person you’ve been in confrontation with!

Protecting your self-esteem

Becoming a reliable leader of self has a lot to do with the level of self-esteem you carry with you throughout the day. Reliability, accountability and follow through will make or break your level of self-esteem. What if everything you put your name on was a done deal? What kind of reputation would you have as a result? What would that kind of action communicate to your boss or co-workers? Thinking about what you commit to are important, if not critical, gifts for your self-esteem, especially when you develop a habit of consistently following through.

Likewise, be conscientious about who you let around you and who you allow to influence you. At times, you might not know who the toxic people are in your life, yet when you find out, proceed with caution. Surround yourself and your self-esteem with people who raise the bar professionally and personally. Associate yourself with people who are going places, doing big things and achieving big, scary goals. I promise, they’re more fun, more successful and will nourish your self-esteem without even knowing it.

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